your Amazon order history.

Doorstep Report gives you a detailed Amazon order history report. See spending by category, spending over time, repeat buys and more.

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Over Time

See how your Amazon purchase history
changes over time.

Charts show you how your spending changed day to day, month to month and over the years.

  • How has my spending changed on a yearly, monthly or daily basis?
  • Which months did I spend the most/least?
  • What was my average spending for a given period?

Slice & Group
in multiple ways.

Group your Amazon purchase history into categories, date range, brands, sellers and more.

  • Which categories did I spend the most/least in?
  • Which brands to buy the most?

Get a breakdown
of your repeat buys.

See what you're regularly buying on Amazon. Use that info to save money with Amazon's Subscribe & Save program.

  • Which items do I buy regularly?
  • Which items should I buy through Subscribe & Save?
Get smart

Understand your Amazon spending.

Doorstep report gives you the tools to analyze your Amazon spending. View trends, get insights, spot ways to save and more.

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